Saturday, January 27, 2007

Book Talk Radio

In celebration of the publication of Talk Radio for Authors – Getting Interviews Across the U.S. and Canada (Infinity Publishing 2007), I'll be going on a Virtual Book Tour. Although the book is geared to authors, each show's guest criteria lists several specialties of experts, i.e., therapists, teachers, relationship coaches, religious and spiritual leaders, scientists.

The blogs are all different - from a host of pet show to an expert blogger.

Fran invites one and all to visit these sites on the following dates to ask questions of the author and make suggestions:

March 12, 2007, 2-3 p.m., EST, the blog of Sigrid Macdonald

March 16, 2007, the blog of Kim Bloomer at Animal Talk Naturally

March 19, 2007, 2-3 p.m. EST, the blog of Ted Demopoulos

March 20, 2007, 4-5 p.m., EST. The blog of Casey Dawes


Fran is fascinated by the marriage of authors and talk radio and encourages both hosts and guests to report here on their interviews. Please include the name of the show and its website. Commenters are also asked to leave their emails and websites.

Here's an example from my new book, Talk Radio for Authors.

This guest is reporting on the host of Full Power Living with Ilene Dillon on World Talk Radio,

"Ilene Dillon has the perfect qualities for a great interviewer: she's both caring and sharp. She asks questions that touch the core of the topics, and she isn't afriad to go deep into people's souls and let their hearts speak. She makes the interviews fun and challenging, adding a personal touch to them by sharing some of her own insights and personal experiences. Ilene is truly a talent to getting others to share their stories freely and openly. She makes sensitive topics a breeze to talk about. I had a blast being a guest on her show. Thank, you, Ilene, for such a fabulous time." Shirley Cheng

What was your radio experience?